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But I have been pretty active on Tumblr!

I have two accounts...

My main blog:
*where I post and reblog art*

And second blog:
*where I just post my art*
I also have a Picarto now, so if you ever want to see me draw live then check it out! ;

I will try my best to be active here too

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Junu is Ready for Adventure! by foxgirlKira
  • Junubeda (Junu, for short) is a troll pony that lives in an isolated forest somewhere near Ponyville.

  • She loves to explore even though ponies are scared of her, which is odd because she is so nice (it must be the teeth).

  • Her favorite thing to do is collect random items (or junk)! The first thing she found was a pretty pink ribbon which she likes to wear to keep her hair up.

Look at all those sticks and leaves stuck in her hair!

Pony OC: Junubeda the Troll Pony by foxgirlKira

  • When she grows up she gets a job doing something that she absolutely loves: Collecting Junk 

MLP OC: Older Junu by foxgirlKira

  • Junu's first friend was Tiffany, a Zenyu Pony. They bonded quickly since they had many things in common with one another! Like living in a forest, other ponies being afraid of them, the love of adventure and finding treasure (or junk).

Odd Creature by foxgirlKira

  • Junu may be considered a pack rat at times, but she just has a different way of viewing things.

  • Sadly Junu is an orpan. Her parents disappeared and she never found them. She became friends/family with the critters in the forest, they actually inspired her to start collecting items in the first place!

  • Junu's dream is to make many friends (whether they are ponies or non-ponies) and to explore as much as possible to find unique items.

And that's 8 facts about my little pony oc, Junu! I hope I did this right!^^
I don't feel like tagging people right now soooo I won't because I'm lazy! XD


Fully Funded | Them's Fightin' Herds by foxgirlKira

Please help make this game a reality!

You can donate or check for more details by clicking the link below.

If you can't donate then please spread the word!

There's only a few more days until it is over.

Them's Fightin' Herds: Paprika by foxgirlKira

Guess who my favorite is!~ The adorable, Paprika! <3
I hope I drew her feet correctly...I wanted to draw everyone else but I wasn't sure how I should draw them all together...sorry!

Also, here's a video discussing the game as well.

Got tagged by :iconeaglepaw54:

1. What are five fandoms you're in (if you're in five)
-Steven Universe (YES!)
-Star Vs. The Forces of Evil (possibly)
-Wander Over Yonder (possibly)
-Five Nights At Freddy's (maybe?)

2. Opinions on My Little Pony?
Derpy I LOVE IT! Woooohooo! <3
3. What was the last thing you watched?

4. Are you social or anti-social?
Well, it depends...but I am mostly social
5. Are you a gamer?
6. Do you like School or not?
Graduated~ It was tolerable and not that bad (I had fun memories)
7. Any hobbies?
Drawing, mostly (digital/traditional) and I love outdoor activities (swimming, hiking, fishing, and much more)
8. Warrior Cats or Steven Universe?
Steven Quartz Universe Emote 8 STEVEN!
9. Favorite movie?
I have so many but I recently saw "Inside Out" and it was outstanding, so much feels! lol
10. Last song you listened to?

11. Do you like reading books?
Sometimes but not that much
12. Dogs or Cats?
Dogs! But I like cats as well! :3
13. Which season is your favorite?

I'm not going to tag anyone since I am feeling slightly lazy UvU
Thanks for tagging me, Eaglepaw54! <3
Foxgirlkiradoodle Da15bday by foxgirlKira

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
8 years

2. What does your username mean?
My favorite animal is the fox, not to mention I am a girl, and I thought the name Kira was super cool when I was little, so yeah that's how I came up with my username and it's never changed since then. Plus, I was (and still am) really into anime.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Optimistic, Hardworking, and Amiable

4. Are you left or right handed?
I'm a righty

5. What was your first deviation?
It was actually a picture:
The Beauty in Nature by foxgirlKira
Digital stuff was fairly new to me when I was little so I was slowly learning how to use the computer for other things rather than computer games.

I guess the first time I used the computer for digital art was when I got a scanner and Photoshop. I would scan my art into the computer and use Photoshop to edit it (before I would take pictures using my Nikon camera). It's funny to think back to those days, now I don't even need a scanner! I just draw a sketch using my Monoprice tablet, it's a lot quicker!^^ 

Photoshop Elements was the first art program installed into my computer then I changed it to Photoshop CS4. I also installed Illustrator CC, Flash Pro CS5 (still need to learn how to use this program), and Manga Studio 5.

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Digital mostly

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I have always wanted to learn how to make plushies or sculptures!

8. What was your first favourite?
I couldn't remember so I looked through my "Favorites" and I found out this was the first thing I favorited on DA! <3
DinoSaurs - What The Pluck by justflyakite

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Digital or Traditional Fanart (mostly for cartoons and video games)

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I have so many! I could never pick just one!
Hakase Freaking Out Icon 

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Hmm, it would have to be pandan009, KYAokay, BumblebeesAndRoses, TheOneWhoLeft, and saaros! I love drawing with them! They are all super sweet and super talented! <3

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Gammast would commission me a lot, which gave me the confidence to do even more commissions!

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Monoprice tablet and Manga Studio 5 (or Photoshop CS4)

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My home, surprisingly!

My family is my main source of inspiration, if it wasn't for my father, my sister, SonicUnbelieveable, my brother, Jason-Bellond, and my friends (old and new), I wouldn't be here sharing art with you all now.

I have always been pretty shy in real life and no matter how much I want to be more outgoing and talkative, I could never find the words to talk to people. I actually made a lot of friends by drawing in my sketchbook (especially in middle school, high school, and college), it was a way for me to connect to people without using words. I have gotten better at talking to people now without my sketchbook, but I do occasionally have moments of shyness around people.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
I have so many but these were the ones that I remember the most!

la Fella (Smileys)
When JaegerPony gave me my first Premium Membership! And when Tavor--21 gave me my first big cash commission (I got to draw so many pony ocs all together, it was wonderful!).

Thanks Everyone!
You All Make My DA-y Wonderful!~

Happy 15th Birthday, DeviantArt!

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I wanted to talk more about my lovely pirate OC and to possibly give her a backstory along with a personality. So, get ready to learn more about this charming lass!

Treasure Hunter by foxgirlKira

*NEW! Cutiemark Added!*

Cutiemark Design by foxgirlKira

*NEW! Gala Dress!*

Ruby Gala Dress by foxgirlKira

1. Ruberta Jenningson adores the daring lifestyle of sailing the seas and locating valuable treasures, hence her nickname "Ruby."

2. She is an expert in navigation and map reading.

3. She is quick witted and a fast learner, which helps her stay alive during dangerous situations, like traps and other hostile creatures OR pirates like herself.

4. She prefers to work alone similar to Daring Do; however, she welcomes those to whom she believes might be useful or handy during her travels.

5. Her right eye was injured during one of her adventures, so she hides it with her hair.

6. Her favorite treasure is...the ruby, of course!^^

7. She lost her family when she was young but was taken in by some pirates(her new family) and when she was old enough she decided to travel by herself.

8. She is more interested in searching for lost treasure than finding love, mainly because I haven't created anyone for her and I am having a tough time decided her sexual preference (I think she could roll either way, as long as she can hunt for treasure).
9. Pet Examples 4 Ruby by ThePeng101

Ruberta the pirate and her pet snake by JoeyWaggoner

10. She loves to listen to soothing melodies, and occasionally sings in private. Before she became a pirate she wanted to become a famous singer but due to her discomfort of singing in front of people she gave up that dream and focused on something she felt confident in...Being a pirate!

Pony OC: Ruberta (Ruby) Jenningson by foxgirlKira

Some Lovely Drawings of Ruby <3

Fresca by frostykat13 MLOCP  Runner Up Prize - FoxGirlKira [BASE USED] by CraftyAllie Foxgirlkira by Mimiero art trade for foxgirlKira by handiNAVI
 Ruberta Jenningson by pandan009
Commission - Ruby's treasure by KYAokayArt Give Away - Reward #1 by Dori-to
Tagged by :iconphillipzu:

1. WHAT'S 9 + 10?!
Llama Evolution (if you type 9+10 in Emoticons, this pops up)

2. What picture in my gallery is your favourite? o3o
Lemmy Koopaling + fireworks = Awesome combo!

3. Do you know when you're all like: Crazy heavy tf2 but really just wanna be like: Soldier tf2?
(I don't...)
Popcorn 2 (Meme) Maybe

4. Who's your favourite deviantARTist?~
I have so many...I don't think I could choose one! >///<

5. Do you like chocolate? If yes, then what kind?~
Of Course!~ 0w0
Hmm, I love it when it has mint in it^^

6. Have you ever expected a selfie to be like: Sniper tf2 but it turned out like this: Painis cupcake tf2?
(I don't think I've ever taken a selfie... .3.)
I have taken some selfies in the past...just a few^^
Though I have never made the "duck face" before.

Apple Jack did it one time! XD

7. Is this shit bananas?
BBananaA Dancing Banana NBanana A Dancing Banana N Banana ADancing Banana S

8. What would you do if you were robbed?
Yoshino Emote (Date A Live) - Shocked I would be shocked...
Chiyo Screaming Icon Probably panic or scream...
Angry Maybe get mad...
Miuna Crying Icon Then I would probably cry about it...

9. Did this tag make any sense at all?

10. I woke up this morning, realizing that I was a wig...
What should I do?
Fabulous Pewdiepie Emoticon Be Fabulous!~

*I didn't feel like making my own questions OR tagging anyone, so I just anwsered Phillipzu's question. I hope you don't mind!*
Title: Timing Aid

Characters: Derpy Hooves & Doctor Whooves/Time Turner

Comic Description:
Derpy seems to have lost her kitchen timer, however, she recalls that the Doctor's cutiemark is an hourglass so naturally he would be a perfect replacement, right?

She explains to the Doctor that she can't find her kitchen timer and wonders if he would mind being its replacement while she bakes muffins.

He points out that the oven has a built in timer so she can use that instead, since his cutiemark doesn't work like that.

Derpy learned something new!^^

Character Dialog:

Panel 1 - Narrator: Today our favorite pony, Derpy Hooves, seems to have an issue...She has lost her kitchen timer!

DrawponiesContest TimingAidSketches P1 by foxgirlKira
Panel 2 - Narrator: Luckily, she recalls that the Doctor's cutiemark is an hourglass, so naturally he would be a perfect replacement, right?
DrawponiesContest TimingAidSketches P2 by foxgirlKira

Panel 3 - Derpy: So do you think you can help me, Doctor? I mean your cutiemark IS an hourglass!
DrawponiesContest TimingAidSketches P3 by foxgirlKira

Panel 4 - Doctor: Well, Derpy, my dear, I don't believe my cutiemark works like that, but why not try the timer on the oven? Surely that would work better, don't you think?

Derpy: There's a timer on the oven?!
DrawponiesContest TimingAidSketches P4 by foxgirlKira


Author name -

Comic strip idea for the contest on
Contest Hosted by: :iconfoxgirlkira: + :iconpandan009:

Please send a note to both pandan009 and I about what you would like for your prizes. Click this link, FoxgirlKira + Pandan009's Contest (ENDED), if you forgot or need to remember what we are both offering as prizes.

1st place being :iconcyb3rsamurai:…
-A funny fanfiction about our OCs trying to ship Octavia Melody + Vinyl Scratch, it made me smile and laugh, plus it did a great job describing our characters.

2nd place being :iconronekimew:

CE: Is that really us?? by ronekimew

3rd place being :iconcyb3rsamurai: again since we didn't receive anymore entries

<da:thumb id="486583331"/>

Thanks to the both of you for entering our contest!^^
Original Link: Birthday Giveaway! (ENDED)
Finished Drawings:…

To keep things organized I will hide the comments (only if I finish their drawing)

I wish to get started on my giveaway, so please comment below or send me a note on what you would like me to draw for you and I will try to work on it!

Make sure to add the following!

Character(s): Number of characters (1-6), include details and references
Theme: Holidays, Movie genres, Video games, etc.
Activity: What the character(s) are doing in the drawing
Background: Yes/No
Shading: Yes/No
Style Choices: Sketchy style (lines are sketchy), Clean style (lines are well defined), Chibi, Anime, MLP:FiM style (G4), MLP Combo (G1 + G4), and other cartoon styles (ex. Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and so on)

Thanks, everyone!

UPDATE (1/12/2015): I decided to end it to 33 entries due to my schedule.

UPDATE (9/29/2015): Almost done! I just have 3 more to go! Still haven't heard from djpickle101, xHoneyDreamsx, or TheGirlOfPoniez, so if you see this journal then let me know if you are still interested (or not).

Down Arrow Down Arrow Down Arrow 

Giveaway Details (Finished!)Original Link: Birthday Giveaway! (ENDED)
Finished Drawings:
To keep things organized I will hide the comments (only if I finish their drawing)
I wish to get started on my giveaway, so please comment below or send me a note on what you would like me to draw for you and I will try to work on it!
Make sure to add the following!
Character(s): Number of characters (1-6), include details and references
Theme: Holidays, Movie genres, Video games, etc.
Activity: What the character(s) are doing in the drawing
Background: Yes/No
Shading: Yes/No
Style Choices: Sketchy style (lines are sketchy), Clean style (lines are well defined), Chibi, Anime, MLP:FiM style (G4), MLP Combo (G1 + G4), and other cartoon styles (ex. Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and so on)
Thanks, everyone!

What Was The Giveaway For Exactly?

Well, it was made because I received 20,000+ pageviews along with the fact that it was my birthday (December 3, 2014) and I also graduated from my two year college, so I thought I would do something special! Hence, the giveaway!

All of the people I picked added the phrase "KA-BOOM!" to their comment to let me know that they read my journal, which was removed since the giveaway ended. However, because of my work schedule I haven't been able to finish my giveaway as quickly as I thought it would be...oh well, life happens.

:star: Mystery Skulls - MysteryBen27 :star:

:star: Starbomb :star:

:star: FNAF :star:

:star: Vivienne M. :star:

:star: MLP:FiM :star:

Just some out of the many videos that I love and adore!~

SingYourSong13 is having a secret Santa thing!
For more info click the link below!

<da:thumb id="485756037"/>

I have never joined one of these, so it should be a ball of fun!
Plus, it is kind of like a birthday gift to me since my birthday is on December 3!

I guess I would like one of my OCs drawn, it doesn't matter to me which one!^^

1. Fresca (my ponysona)

Fresca the Unicorn: Reference Sheet by foxgirlKira Inkscape + Photoshop = This! by foxgirlKira My Little OC: Fresca (MLP Vector) by foxgirlKira

2. Ellie + Olivia

Pony OC: Ellie by foxgirlKira  Pony OC: Olivia by foxgirlKira

3. Ruberta "Ruby" Jenningson

Pony OC: Ruberta (Ruby) Jenningson by foxgirlKira

UPDATE (11/7/2014): Here's a link to the journal mentioning the people who have entered! I am number 11^^

<da:thumb id="493101754"/>


My gift to :iconsugarylullabies:

Secret Santa Drawing: Sugar Plum by foxgirlKira

:iconlazymunchlax:'s gift to me

Secret Santa: foxgirlKira by Lazymunchlax
I am proud to announce that pandan009 and I are having a contest together! You have the option to pick from two choices, which will be listed down below and you may provide multiple entries if you wish!

Both of us will provide wonderful prizes to the three winners and the runner ups will receive sketches from pandan009!

Contest will end December 1
UPDATE (11/23/2014): Contest will end January 1

*Send entry by note or by commenting in the comment section (include link)*

If you have any questions for pandan009, like costumes or anything about her character, then please go to this link and ask her!

Contest Themes:

Choice 1: Halloween

-Draw your OC or our OCs enjoying Halloween
Example: Trick or treating, parties, pranks, costumes, decorating, etc.
-Draw a pony from the series enjoying Halloween (the more the merrier)

Choice 2: Draw our OCs

-Draw both of our OCs together (as friends)
Example: Playing video games, talking with each other, meeting other ponies, etc.
-Draw our OCs meeting ponies from the show
-Pony OCs meeting our humanselves

Rules to Follow:

-Digital, traditional, and written works are acceptable
-No tracing or copying other people's art
-Keep it friendly, no gore or mature themes

Our Pony OCs:

Introducing Fresca!

Fresca the Unicorn: Reference Sheet by foxgirlKira Inkscape + Photoshop = This! by foxgirlKira
My Little OC: Fresca (MLP Vector) by foxgirlKira Contest Prize for Pandan009 Drawing 2 by foxgirlKira

Human version (sort of):

My Favorite Youtube Gamers! by foxgirlKira FoxgirlKira Chibi by foxgirlKira Fresca in Shepherd0821's art style by foxgirlKira

Introducing Screwpine!

screwpine fly by pandan009THANK YOU FOR GREETING ME!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! by pandan009 
I'm a flippin PEONY! by pandan009At The Partey by pandan009

Human version:

... oh... by pandan009 Do Not Want Sequel! by pandan009 :iconiexplodedplz: by pandan009


So many prizes!

Given by: :iconfoxgirlkira:

1st place

-A vector drawing of a pointy pony
My-Little-OC-Pony's Club Mascot: Open Canvas by foxgirlKira
-A chibi pony drawing
Happy Birthday, Mi-eau! by foxgirlKira
-A pony reference sheet
Fresca the Unicorn: Reference Sheet by foxgirlKira
-And 100 Points

2nd place
-A chibi pony or shaded drawing
-vector pointy pony

3rd place
-A chibi pony or shaded drawing
-Line art drawing

Given by: :iconpandan009:
1st place
-a style 1 drawing
Moonlight Blossom by pandan009 Ocean Wave (8,888th kiriban prize 2/3) by pandan009

-a style 2 drawing
Rarity by pandan009 (full body currently unavailable)

-a style 3 Untitled Pony Deviation by pandan009 or style 4 schwungvoll by pandan009

-a style0.5 I'm a flippin PEONY! by pandan009 or a sketch Black Matter (8,888th kiriban prize 3/3) by pandan009

Note from pandan009:

The quality might be a tad different from what is shown due to changed scanner.

2nd place:
-one style 1
-one style 4
-one style 0.5 or one sketch

3rd place:
-a style 1
-a style .5 or one sketch

If you don't feel like drawing then please spread the word about our contest through journals or polls, it will be very helpful!

And if you do this, comment with the link of your journal in the comment section and I will not only give you a llama but I will give you a free sketch (if you so desire one).

Thanks, Everyone!

Comment Contest! (ENDED)

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 24, 2014, 9:08 AM

Hello, Everyone!

So basically the first 5 people to comment will have the chance to win! But remember to answer the following otherwise your comment will NOT count! Thank you! :3

This contest is only for people who have their very own pony OC and they MUST have a picture reference as well!


Help me choose colors for my new character!

Mane (possibly red for some parts)
I made a new pony OC named Ruberta "Ruby" Jenningson, she is a pirate pony that loving nothing more than hunting for treasure and singing merry tunes! I will add a character description of her backstory later!

Pony OC: Ruberta (Ruby) Jenningson by foxgirlKira


5 people will have the chance to win their very own pointy pony!

Provide image of pony OC when you comment on colors!

It's Party Time, Everypony! by foxgirlKira


Here's the prize for my 5 comment entries!
Comment Contest Prizes by foxgirlKira


1. :iconronekimew:
2. :iconepic-mango:
3. :iconjmartkdr:
4. :iconchaossharingan:
5. :icondeadlockat:

From Other People:


Commission from french-friies (points given)
2 Commissions from Zyllia (points given)

:iconlaplz: Yay!~

Art Trades

Waiting for demonreapergirl


Panorama Picture of OC from oOBrushstrokeOo
Prize from Insurgent-Knight

From Me:

Contest Art

Prizes for-:iconcyb3rsamurai: (need to contact)


Gift for-:icontobiisabunny:
Gift for-:icontdlballistic: (…)
Oh wow! I got 300 watchers! Hooray!~

:iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz: :iconyaayplz:

:iconwilderpie: is my 300 watcher! Thank you so much for watching me!

To celebrate this glorious moment I will drew something for my watchers who commented on this journal! I am so honored that you all decided to watch me, it really makes me happy to know that you all like my art enough to do so!

Thanks everyone!~

Here's my gift to all of you!

Thanks for Watching Me! (Journal Prize) by foxgirlKira

1. :iconlyokian:
2. :iconhackwolfin:
3. :iconpunkguts:
4. :icongammast:
5. :iconanonprincess11:
6. :iconronekimew:
7. :iconwilderpie:
8. :iconthepeng101:
9. :iconchaossharingan:
10. :iconpandan009:
So, sadly I didn't get that many entries but that's alright! At least I got three wonderful entries! So that makes me happy to announce my lovely winners!

1st place goes to:


Fresca by pandan009

You win:
:iconcheckmarkplz:3 drawings
:iconcheckmarkplz:2 comics
:iconcheckmarkplz:2 vector drawings

2nd place goes to:


Gabbalot the pegasus by cuteshipsforfun

You win:
:iconcheckmarkplz: 1 drawings
:iconcheckmarkplz: 1 comic
1 vector drawing

3rd place goes to:


Snicker Doodle and Fresca by ThePeng101

You win:
:iconcheckmarkplz: 1 drawing

*I am so sorry that I didn't see your entry! That is completely my fault!*

Winners please send me a note about your prizes!
Thanks for entering!
I have been tagged by :iconthepeng101: to do this.


1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. No tag-backs.
9. You can't say that you don't do tags.
10. You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

My Note to those tagged:
If you do not want to do the journal then please don't worry about it! I am not forcing you to do this, but if you really feel like doing it then go for it! The rules may say you must do it but I am saying you don't have to if you really don't want to! Also, I didn't follow rule 5 because I don't think it is necessary to do! :D

10 facts about me:

1. I am 21 years old
2. Foxes are my favorite animals (as you can tell^^)
3. I always get cheesecake on my birthday instead of cake because it's my fav!
4. I have a younger sister and brother and a great dad! I am lucky to have them! My mother is not with us, but we still stay in contact...I miss her.
5. :iconsonicunbelieveable: is my sister, she loves drawing just like me!
6. I am not really fond of spiders...
7. Sharks scare me...but I am able to play games and go swimming! Still scary...
8. I enjoy watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and many other cartoons!
9. I'm not good at playing video games, but I enjoy seeing my sister and brother play video games, it's kind of our bonding time!
10. I love to DRAW! XD

The questions for me:

1. Are you a YouTuber? Who's your favorite?

I have a YouTube account to favorite videos and subscribe to people.
There's too many great YouTubers! But I do like GameGrumps, Cryaotic, Markiplier, PewdiePie, UberhaxorNova, and oh boy there's too many!
2. Do you play PokeMon? If so, who's your fav? Favorite legendary?

Not that much, but I love it! And it's something that my siblings have played!
I love Umbreon! And Mew! But there are so many other Pokemon that I love!
3. Have you ever been to a convention before? If so, which one(s)?
No...but I want to go to a convention! Maybe a Bronycon one^^
4. Have you ever been out of your state? Your country?
Yeah, I have gone outside of my state but not out of the country.
5. Have you ever had a crush on someone you didn't know, such as a YouTuber or Deviant? Be honest...
Well, sort of...I had a tiny crush on Cryaotic's voice but it's kind of silly now that I think about it^^
6. What is your favorite show?
7. Out of the show in question 6, who is you favorite character?
Ugh, too many favorite characters to pick from! But out of the Mane 6, Fluttershy and Twilight, and from the background, Derpy, DJ PON-3, and Octavia.
8. How do your friends see you? Funny? Shy? Annoying?
Funny, Sweet, Generous, Reliable, Goofy
9. Do you have a pet, and if so, what are they, and how many?

Two Dogs! Well, sort of, they live with my ex-stepmother...I miss them...
10. Are you happy or angry that I tagged you? Again, be honest...

My questions for all you tagged ppl:

1. Do you have a pony OC? If yes, what's their name?
2. What's your favorite color? Mine's purple!
3. When is your birthday?
4. What is your favorite season? Mine's summer!
5. Do you like ice cream? I do!
6. What's the funniest thing you ever said as a kid?
7. Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon 2? I haven't so no spoilers please!
8. Do you have a favorite animal?
9. Video games are great, aren't they? ^^
10. Are you on summer break? If yes, are you having fun?

Hello, everyone!

Today, I am in the mood to draw some pony OCs, so I thought it would be nice to do a free-for-all! It is first come first served kind of thing! So, if you want me to draw your pony OC, then here is what you must do!

1. Comment on this journal by telling me about your pony OC (include reference)

When commenting please include the following:
Character Description (who they are and other info)

*This is just so I can add a description about your pony OC!*

2. Share this journal by writing about it, include link to this journal
3. Send me a link about your journal through note OR by commenting

You may submit multiple pony OCs, as long as you follow my rules.
If you do give multiple pony OCs then I don't expect you to write another journal but you will have to give me a character description and reference!

Optional: Watch me and favorite this journal

Here's some examples of what you should expect to get!

Pony OC: Olivia by foxgirlKira Pony OC: Ellie by foxgirlKira

Goodness gracious! I got a lot of entries! I had to change it to 30 entries instead because I was not expecting so many!

Thank you all so much for entering!
The names written down are the ones who have been approved by me!
So the giveaway is officially OVER!~

If you were not able to make the list then please don't feel bad because I plan on doing another giveaway! Hooray! Thanks again everyone!~

1. :iconarcanel8: :iconcheckmarkplz:
2. :iconangelshadow18: :iconcheckmarkplz:
3. :iconwerewoofwoof: :iconcheckmarkplz:
4. :iconvelveteen-vixen: :iconcheckmarkplz:
5. :iconretroarcaderat: :iconcheckmarkplz:
6. :icongothkittykat: :iconcheckmarkplz:
7. :iconkyaokay: :iconcheckmarkplz:
8. :iconultradj4ever: :iconcheckmarkplz:
9. :iconbiuemoon: :iconcheckmarkplz:
10. :iconlapisraver: :iconcheckmarkplz:
11. :iconopiks: :iconcheckmarkplz:
12. :iconlilacstars: :iconcheckmarkplz:
13. :iconcapricornuss: :iconcheckmarkplz:
14. :iconladdy-of-winter: :iconcheckmarkplz:
15. :iconbpcampbell: :iconcheckmarkplz:
16. :iconlightningwing1234: :iconcheckmarkplz:
17. :iconcandy-st0re: :iconcheckmarkplz:
18. :iconcodextwins: :iconcheckmarkplz:
19. :iconappleowl13: :iconcheckmarkplz:
20. :iconkilroyjenkins: :iconcheckmarkplz:
21. :iconjaegerpony: :iconcheckmarkplz:
22. :iconronekimew: :iconcheckmarkplz:
23. :iconvampirekittenrose: :iconcheckmarkplz:
24. :iconderrickmac1: :iconcheckmarkplz:
25. :icontaylorthesnailor: :iconcheckmarkplz:
26. :icond3adbeat: :iconcheckmarkplz:
27. :iconrdz2k7: :iconcheckmarkplz:
28. :iconthepeng101: :iconcheckmarkplz:
29. :iconanonprincess11: :iconcheckmarkplz:
30. :iconnioniosbbbb: :iconcheckmarkplz: