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Junu is Ready for Adventure! by foxgirlKira
  • Junubeda (Junu, for short) is a troll pony that lives in an isolated forest somewhere near Ponyville.

  • She loves to explore even though ponies are scared of her, which is odd because she is so nice (it must be the teeth).

  • Her favorite thing to do is collect random items (or junk)! The first thing she found was a pretty pink ribbon which she likes to wear to keep her hair up.

Look at all those sticks and leaves stuck in her hair!

Pony OC: Junubeda the Troll Pony by foxgirlKira

  • When she grows up she gets a job doing something that she absolutely loves: Collecting Junk 

MLP OC: Older Junu by foxgirlKira

  • Junu's first friend was Tiffany, a Zenyu Pony. They bonded quickly since they had many things in common with one another! Like living in a forest, other ponies being afraid of them, the love of adventure and finding treasure (or junk).

Odd Creature by foxgirlKira

  • Junu may be considered a pack rat at times, but she just has a different way of viewing things.

  • Sadly Junu is an orpan. Her parents disappeared and she never found them. She became friends/family with the critters in the forest, they actually inspired her to start collecting items in the first place!

  • Junu's dream is to make many friends (whether they are ponies or non-ponies) and to explore as much as possible to find unique items.

And that's 8 facts about my little pony oc, Junu! I hope I did this right!^^
I don't feel like tagging people right now soooo I won't because I'm lazy! XD

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